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What is an Ashram: Physical abode and community
An ashram is a sacred space dedicated to discovering our true self through discipline and spiritual practice. It is a sanctuary, an energetic vortex, where we go deep inside and silence the noise of the outside world. It is a physical abode where we immerse ourselves in ancient spiritual teachings and join in community to transform and attain ultimate liberation from suffering (enlightenment or moksha).< Check out our upcoming events>
What makes Shaktidhaam unique-

Shakti is Divine Mother energy; Dhaam is Abode. Situated in Varanasi (Kashi) India, Shaktidhaam Ashram is an Abode of Shakti that merges the Divine Feminine energy of Shakti with the Divine Masculine energy of Shiva. In our current world, our lives can be off balance as we operate more from a masculine perspective. To be in Shaktidhaam is to become whole, in harmony, infused with the pure consciousness of Creation.

How to engage with Shaktidhaam

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far be in community. If you want to go fast and far, Shaktidhaam Sangha is the place to be.

Although Shaktidhaam ashram in India is currently under construction, there are still multiple opportunities to engage with Shaktidhaam online and energetically. Join us on telegram